Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees

  • Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees
  • Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees
  • Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees
  • Darkfin Split-Toe Bootees
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Product Description

Another Black Lagoon Product Exclusive.... Darkfin's New “Split-Toe Bootee” Made from the same outstanding material as Darkfin Gloves, this innovative new “Split-Toe Bootee” is unlike any footwear ever designed. Using a custom blend of latex rubber, this one piece bootee has no stitching to come out, no glue to come apart, no laces, velcro or straps. Best of all, they fit like you grew them yourself! All of the production molds used to manufacture the Darkfin Bootee begins with a human foot model. All of the subtle features of the human foot like the ankle bones, heel, arch, ball and big toe are formed right into the bootee. This, along with soft, pliable Latex Rubber, gives the wearer the most natural feel possible. Anything you can do barefoot, you can do better... with Darkfin Bootee's. Over 100 nodules (bumps)were painstakingly added to the bottom of each production mold. These nodules form “traction cleats” on the bottom of each Darkfin bootee which, along with the cotton flocked surface, gives the user “super human traction” on most any surface, wet or dry. If you could defy gravity you could run up walls! Those same nodules also create over 100 tiny “suction cups” on the insole of the bootee which helps eliminate slippage when wet. Whether you are working in the yard, excercising, wading in the creek or spending the weekend on the boat, you'll want to get your “Bootee” outside as much as possible once you try these.

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