Battle Steel Level IIIA 4x6 Ballistic Blanket - Flexible & Portable Level IIIA Protection

BATTLE STEEL has designed their ballistic blankets with high performance ballistic packages that offer a combination of IIIA and Mil-Spec Fragmentation protection. 6 ft x 4ft Level IIIA ballistic protection, flexible and portable. One of the most essential tools an operator should have at their disposal.

This ballistic blankets can be used as a movable ballistic barricade to evacuate from a dangerous hostile situation, it can also be used to reinforce a vehicles windows or door panels, it can add ballistic protection to an officer's position during a shoot out or to add ballistic protection to any area where a team needs protection from the enemy.

  • 4 feet x 6 feet
  • NIJ level IIIA
  • Weight: 30lbs
  • 10 Handles For Carry OR Hanging
  • Multi-Color: 1 Face Black, 1 Face Desert Tan
  • See Diagram for Stitching
  • 100% Made in USA & Berry Compliant

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23rd Oct 2018 Botach Staff

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