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Beretta APX 9mm Pistols w/3 Magazines

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Product Description

Striker fired pistols are becoming an important segment worldwide for the Military & Law Enforcement sector. The Beretta APX, utilizing a removable, serialized chassis frame, can be easily modified with a replaceable grip frame housing and is simple to disassemble and maintain. The lightweight frame housing is made of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer. The APX’s extremely low profile and snag free design make it easy to carry and draw from a holster. Ease of use was the key driver in the development of the APX. A slide catch lever is located on both sides of the frame. The operating/locking system is based on a tilt-barrel, locked breech. Beretta APX pistols have a unique feature that allows the user to deactivate the internal striker mechanism prior to disassembly. This means the pistol can be field stripped without pulling the trigger. The Trigger Safety stops the trigger from traveling rearward through inertia, in the event the pistol is dropped. When the trigger is intentionally pulled, the Trigger Safety is instantly deactivated.

Frame safety, magazine safety, and a loaded chamber indicator are available on request. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the APX’s magazine release button can be easily reversed. The high-definition 3-dot sight system is designed for quick target acquisition. The new sight system, patented by Beretta, allows the user to adjust both front and rear sights. The sights can be removed for replacement with other types of sights. Thanks to a newly patented modular system, the pistol adapts to different hand sizes with interchangeable back-straps of different thickness and configuration for individualized performance. The pistol comes with a standard Picatinny rail (MIL STD 1913) under the barrel.

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DUTY GRADE - The APX was built with professional end users in mind. Nearly 1 million rounds fired during extensive laboratory and field testing ensures the highest degree of reliability and durability.

ERGONOMICS - Control Placement, grip angle, bore axis, and grip texturing on the APX are designed for maximum efficiency to achieve speed and accuracy.

TRIGGER - The wide, flat trigger design with a clean, crisp break and short tactile reset allows consistent engagement and fast, repeatable shot placement.

  • Overall Length: 7.56 in. (192 mm
  • Barrel Length: 4.25 in. (108 mm)
  • Overall Width: 1.30 in. (33 mm)
  • Overall Height: 5.60 in. (142 mm)
  • Sight Radius: 6.30 in. (160 mm)
  • Sights: 3-dot low profile, adjustable
  • Action: Striker Fired
  • Safety: Striker deactivation button, firing pin block safety, trigger safety
  • Magazines: 3/17rd

Image 1 The ultimate striker pistol from Beretta. NOW AVAILABLE with FREE SHIPPING and 4 Magazines. This new semiautomatic pistol, utilizing a removable serialized chassis frame, can be easily modified. Botach

Product Videos

Beretta APX 9mm - Unboxing - Table top Review - First Impressions. 30:45

Read this part please. (NOTE: link to Field Stripping video: As the title says, here you can see what ended up being a half-an-hour long video on the brand new, apparently not released in the US yet, Beretta APX. As I said in the video, yes, I'm perfectly aware I do have an accent and what's even worse, it's been a while since I had to use my English so please try to bear with me haha... And feel free to request any "translation" hahaha should my accent get in the way :-) But this is not all. After watching the recording, and before uploading the video, I noticed I left some things out... and stretched some others beyond what I wanted. So ask away if you got any questions about this gun and I'll gladly try to comply :-D Last but not least, expect more videos soon(tm)... got plenty recorded already, the only problem I got is that I haven't had time to get around the process of understanding this supposedly super-easy to use video editing programs. Of which I got about... three different ones, major brands and everything. But that'll change in the near future, "fo sho" :-p I just need a day off... But welp! At least I managed to get you this one! Something's something, right? haha! Hope you enjoy the info, and ask away if you think I forgot something. Which I already know I did, like, to talk about the trigger. Oh and there's no shooting part in the video because, unfortunately, I just got the gun and don't happen to have a shooting range in my backyard. Or a backyard at all, anyway. Forthcoming videos shall have way better quality. This one was pretty much outright rushed. Have fun! Oh and btw, I don't own any intellectual rights to anything that I might have included that falls under such definition. For example, the phrase from "Cool Hand Luke", which was afterward taken by Guns'n'Roses for their song "Civil War". Needless to say, all copyright about mentioning that tiny sentence or any other movie references belong to their owners. And if there's a copyright on the manual as well... of course those intellectual rights aren't mine either! It's a review, for God's sake, it's called journalism! Jesus, these ridiculous disclaimers one has to come up with these days...

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    Read this part please. (NOTE: link to Field Stripping video: ...
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