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TAC-Wedge Door Jammer

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TacWedge™ is a solution for securing a door in either the closed or open position. There are two methods of installation, one is extremely aggressive and semi-permanent (with some mildly adverse side effects, like having to smash the device to remove it) while the other is softly placed and easily removable. For obvious reasons, we prefer the more drastic method, but hey, pays your money, takes your choice. For maximum security, jamming TacWedge™ under a door positively locks the door with its patent-pending dual leaf-spring tension effect digging four hardened steel spikes into the floor surface. No other “door stop” can gain purchase on slick surfaces like linoleum, marble or polished concrete, but TacWedge™ is so aggressive that it bites into the floor, actually leaving divots in concrete. Once shoved, kicked or stomped into place, the only way to quickly remove TacWedge™ is to to break off the Spike Foot to relieve the tension. Alternatively, TacWedge™ can be quickly inserted into the crack of an open door with its patent-pending Hinge Wedge™ that’s shaped precisely to fit and hold the door open. TacWedge™ won’t fall out if the door is bumped or jarred thanks to our ambidextrous Hinge Locks™.

Door jamming is not complicated. If you can kick or stomp, you can operate TacWedge™. If you can pull a cord, you can work TacCinch.™ There’s only a couple of things to bear in mind when securing doors:

  • If you can see the hinge, the door swings toward you. Jam TacWedge™ under the door to wedge it closed.
  • If you can’t see the hinge, the door swings away from you. Use TacCinch™ to hold it shut.
  • If the door is open and you want to make it sure it stays open to secure a sure means of egress, poke TacWedge™ into the crack of the door.

TacWedge™ provides Tactical Access Control™ by positively securing a door in either a closed or open position. Depending on the tactical situation, you may wish to jam a door closed to inhibit entry by unknown parties or to prevent access to a room’s contents. Alternatively, you may need to make sure an open door remains open.

Depending on the case, you can employ TacWedge™ to jam shut an inward-swinging door (the hinges are visible to you) or to hold an open door open. If an away-swinging door (the hinges are on the other side and can’t be seen) needs to be secured in the closed position, then you need to employ TacCinch™. Mechanically, there is no way to wedge shut an away-swinging, so for that situation we offer TacCinch™. However, for all other Tactical Access Control™ situations, TacWedge™ solves the problem.

Be warned— TacWedge™ works really, really well. There are four hardened steel spikes on the underside, two in the arched Spike Foot and two in the Wedge Blade. Those spikes are designed to bite into even the slickest floor surface. Conventional rubber door stops or wood shims cannot gain purchase on surfaces like waxed linoleum, polished marble or wet concrete. TacWedge™ is so aggressive that its spikes bite into these slick-as-ice surfaces and do not let go. Once TacWedge™ is firmly rammed home, it cannot be removed without destroying the device by either chopping or cutting off its Spike Foot to relieve the leaf spring tension built into the device.

For this reason, we consider TacWedge™ as a “permanent press” solution. It is designed for one-time use. Most operators leave it behind after an operation. If you want to fight with getting it out, bring a buddy named Axe or Saw.

Hinge Lock Method™

Simply insert TacWedge™ into the crack of an open door blade-first and press the U-shaped Hinge Lock™ over a hinge. Our patent=pending wedge-shaped main body of TacWedge™ allows the device to precisely fit in the crack of an open door crack and prevent the door from closing. The patent-pending Hinge Lock™ cut-outs on either side of the device prevent TacWedge™ from being accidentally jarred loose. To remove, simply lift out.

Alternatively, you can jam TacWedge™ under an open door as described for a closed door.

Blue Training Model w/No Spikes The good news about TacWedge™ is that its four steel spikes are so damn aggressive that they dig holes in concrete while the saw-tooth blade mauls the bottom of a door to shreds. On a tactical or rescue operation with lives at stake, you’ll trade a bit of structural damage for increased safety. But in a training environment, you can’t very well be gouging the floor, hacking up doors and then sawing or chopping a stuck-tight TacWedge™ in half just to get it out. 

Accordingly, we offer a Training Model of TacWedge™ with the same exact function, but without the hardened steel spikes that cause most of the damage. It’s easily distinguished from the black-side Operational Model by its trendy “Bluegun Blue” color.

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