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    Product Description

    Porta-Clip is constructed of steel permanently welded together and coated with a baked epoxy finish to protect and secure radio. Clip attaches easily to belt or mounts to car dash. Thousands in use every day protecting against loss or drop damage. Belt models go with user even during running without dislodging...both hands are free. Models to accommodate every radio in use. Custom clips for special requirements. Belt models are standard for 2 1/4 inch width. Dash versions are pre-drilled for screw mounting or may be applied with pressure sensitive pad. We welcome inquires for special requirements. The Porta-Clip is an economical solution to expensive bulky leather and plastic pouches. Start your savings program today and cut your radio damage by putting Porta-Clip to work for you.

    Model #BrandProduct Description
    G-SS Garrett Super Scanner
    GE-L General Electric LPE200
    GE-A General Electric PE, PY, MVP Series
    GE-C General Electric MPR, MPX, MPS Series
    GE-I General Electric PI Series
    GE-P General Electric PCS
    GE-AS General Electric GE-A w/star encoder
    K-A General Electric MPA Series (clip has notch)
    M-BS General Electric MPD, PLS, MTL, MPA Series
    MPD-G General Electric MPD w/High Capacity Battery
    K-W General Electric PCS w/Battery w/bumps on back
    GE-KU General Electric MRK w/large 17MHz battery
    GE-J General Electric P700 Jaguar
    HCS Henry CS-15, S-15
    H-A Henry Tempo FMH-12, FMH-15S
    ICU ICOM ICU-H2, H6, H12
    ICA ICOM H-10, U-10
    LMR-G ICOM ICU-H18, H19, U16, U19
    ICB ICOM IC-F20-2
    ICT ICOM IC-T7H w/battery BP-170
    IC-TU ICOM IC-T7H w/battery BP-173
    GE-D Johnson KPC, KPC300, Panther 500
    J-D Johnson 5852, 5861, 5862 Series
    J-DA Johnson 8500, 8560 series
    J-S Johnson Scorpion 5963
    LMR-J Johnson Scorpion 5950
    J-SI Johnson Avenger SI
    M-HU Johnson Avenger
    JLX Johnson Challenger LX2442
    JZX Johnson Challenger ZX2452
    RPX Johnson 515-518, 615-618, 620F, Sincronize 10-10
    J-V Johnson Viking XRHA83
    GE-I Johnson HT10
    M-XA Johnson Astro XTS3000
    M-S Johnson Astro
    M-HU Johnson HT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX, MTX9000 w/o TT & ultra capacity battery (NTN7144)
    M-XATT Johnson Astro XTZ3000 w/ touchtone
    M-S-3 Johnson Astro
    STX-2 Johnson MX800
    M-CT Johnson CT250
    K-W Kenwood TK200, TK300
    K-WA Kenwood TK210, TK230, TK310, TK330
    K-WB Kenwood TK240, TK320, TK340
    K-WC Kenwood TK260, TK360
    F-C Kenwood TK250, TK350, TK353 w/o TT
    F-CTT Kenwood TK350 w/touch tone
    J-D-2 Kenwood TK230 w/touch tone
    M-HU-2 Kenwood TK370 w/touch tone
    W-C Kenwood TK360 w/o touch tone
    KW-D Kenwood TK290, TK390
    KW-C Kenwood TK280, TK380
    MH-U Kenwood TK270 w/touch tone
    M-H Kenwood TK430 w/battery KNB9A
    K-A King 464-501, LPH2023, LPH5023, LPH5141, LPH5142, LPH2142, LPU4141A, LPU4991A, MPH5142
    MAX-A Maxon SP2000 Series, TP4800, SP2550, SP2850, SA1225, SP2580, SL500, 2550SM
    MAX-B Maxon SP120V
    MAX-C Maxon CP1020
    MAX-H Maxon Heavey Duty Series, CP0520D, SP5150D
    MAX-D Maxon SP140U, SP130V2, SP100G
    S-I Maxon SP200
    LMR-A Midland LMR70-030, 70-130, 70-230
    LMR-B Midland LMR70-15, 70-150, 70-250
    LMR-C Midland LMR70-032, 70-111, 70-152B, 70-245DX
    LMR-D Midland LMR70-155B, 70-255B
    LMR-F Midland LMR70-153B, 70-253B
    LMR-G-2 Midland LMR70-154, 70-254
    LMR-H Midland LMR70-043, 70-143, 70-243
    LMR-J-2 Midland LMR70-165B, 70-265, 70-266-16B
    LMR-I Midland LMR70-145, 70-245
    LMR-K Midland LMR70-9301
    LMR-L Midland LMR70-195-16B, 70-195-99B
    LMR-M Midland LMR70-132B
    LMR-O Midland LMR70-165-B48
    S-X Midland LMR70-B48
    LMR-P Midland LMR70-045-16C
    M-B Motorola HT120, HT220, Commex II
    M-BK Motorola HT220 w/SP Lock
    M-CA Moto rola HT220 SlimlineI
    M-CAK Motorola HT220 Slimline w/SP Lock
    M-MD Motorola HT50, HT90, HT440, Radius P100
    M-MT Motorola MT500
    M-MTS Motorola MT500 Slimline
    M-MTID Motorola MT500 w/Identifier
    M-MX Motorola MX350, MX360
    M-HT Motorola HT600, MT1000, Radius P200,MTX800
    STX Motorola STX
    M-P110 Motorola Radius P100
    M-S Motorola Saber
    M-SR Motorola Saber-R
    M-GP Motorola GP300 w/high capacity battery (HNN9628a)
    M-GPL Motorola GP300 w/low capacity battery (HNN9808S or B)
    M-GPU Motorola GP300 w/ultra capacity battery (HNN8133A or B)
    M-V Motorola Visar w/ high capacity battery NTN7394A), Radius P1225
    M-VL Motorola Visar w/low capacity battery (NTN7396A)
    M-RP Motorola Radius P10, P50, Sirit III
    M-RS Motorola SP50
    M-RA Motorola Radius SP10, Spirit III
    S-H Motorola GP350
    M-GTX Motorola GTX
    M-XATT Motorola Astro XTS3000
    M-C Motorola HT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX, MTX9000 w/TT & high capacity battery (NTN7143)JT1000
    M-CU Motorola HT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX, MTX9000 w/TT & ultracapacity battery (NTN7144)
    M-H Motorola HT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX, MTX9000 w/o TT & high capacity battery (NTN7143)
    M-R Motorola Raven
    M-LT Motorola LTS2000
    M-HBR Motorola HT750, HT1250, HT5150 with or without remote mic.
    M-XP Motorola Expo
    M-X5000II Motorola XTS5000II radio
    M-X5000 Motorola X5000 radio
    P-D Realm/Regency HX1000, HX1200
    RHP Realm/Regency RSP165, RPH1606
    RSP-A Realm/Regency RSP400, RPH500
    U-C Realm/Regency Relm UC2200
    S-F Realm/Regency Relm WHS150
    M-HU Realm/Regency Relm PTV56
    R-MP Realm/Regency MPV-08, MPU-08, MP-V32
    RPC Realm/Regency PC400
    RHT Repco RHT800
    RPX Repco RPX
    W-B Repco SYN2100
    RT-A Riton Jobcom, RT050, RT150, RT453
    RT-ATT Riton RT150 w/touch tone
    RT-B Riton RTE-054, RTE-157, RTE-450
    RT-C Riton Patriot, JHX, RTX450
    RT-D Riton JMX150
    SH-A Shinwa  
    GE-A Shinwa  
    S-A Standard 734, 735, 834, 835, 934
    S-ATT Standard S-A w/touch tone
    S-D Standard HX100
    S-AX Standard HX300, HX320, HX326
    S-X Standard HX340
    T-A Standard HX400
    S-HX Standard HX500
    S-HU Standard HX530U
    S-F Standard HX240U, HX240V
    S-G Standard HX581T
    S-H Standard HX381 w/o touch tone
    S-I Standard HX255S
    LMR-F Standard Tekk T20
    M-HU Standard Tekk T-80
    NYPD-MT Standard Tekk, PC150, TS200
    F-A Uniden Force APL56, APH56, APU44, FPH54, FPU54, FPU44, FPU240, FPU510
    F-ATT Uniden Force FPH56 w/touch tone
    F-B Uniden Force FPS-15-S
    F-C Uniden Force SPH, SPU Series
    F-D Uniden Force SPH155DT SPU454KT
    Y-F Vertex FNB-29, VX500
    W-B Wilson Minicom Series, HH Series
    W-C Wilson Minicom Plus, NH200, MH220
    W-D Wilson T150MX
    Y-A Yeasu FTC2203, FTC2205, FTC5203
    Y-K Yeasu FTC2003, FTC2005, FTC4703, FTC1123
    Y-B Yeasu FT23R, FT73R w/o/ touch tone, FTH2005, FTH2006, FTH2008, FTH7005, FTH7008, FTH7009
    Y-C Yeasu FTH2070
    Y-D Yeasu FTH2009
    Y-G Yeasu Vertex VX 1X

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